Courtney Karl

Fruity Pebble Sugar Cookies

Fruity Pebble sugar cookies in a bowl of fruity pebble cereal

Fruity Pebbles were one of my favorite cereals growing up. The only thing better than a large bowl of sugary cereal may just be a plate of these fruity pebble cookies! These babies are classic sugar cookies but filled with fruity pebbles giving them a slightly fruity flavor and sweet flavor. Topping the cookie off …

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How to Make Royal Icing Shiny 

5 royal icing bags on a drying rack

Using royal icing to decorate sugar cookies can take them to the next level. Because it hardens when dry, royal icing is great for creating those intricate designs that you see many cookie decorators achieve. Getting that nice glossy royal icing finish can really give your cookies a nice smooth finish and professional touch. There …

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How to Fix Dry Cookie Dough

cookie dough in bowl

When you are baking homemade cookies, you are typically looking for a nice chewy and moist cookie. The perfect cookie dough consistency should be soft and pliable, but sometimes the texture of our cookie dough comes out dry and crumbly, which may lead to some dry cookies.  Some of the common reasons you may have …

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The Best S’mores Cookie Bars

cut up s'mores bars on a piece of parchment paper

This s’mores cookie bar recipe is made up of a graham cracker cookie dough base, topped with marshmallow cream, chocolate chips, and graham cracker crumb topping. They have that classic gooey s’mores flavor and make a great summer treat! Why You’ll Love these S’mores Bars These cookie bars are so good because they combine the …

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Easy Lemon Glaze for Cookies

sugar cookies on wire rack coated with lemon glaze

This Lemon drizzle icing for cookies is the perfect way to top off your desserts with a subtle and fresh lemon flavor. This recipe can be whipped up in under 5 minutes with just a few simple ingredients. Made with fresh lemons, it has a bright lemon flavor with just a hint of a tart …

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