Football Royal Icing Sugar Cookie Tutorial

Impress your friends at your next football party with these cute little football cookies!

STEP 1: Bake your cut- out cookies. Click below to my recipe or use your own! Just make sure they are flat and don't rise in the center and slope to the edges.

STEP 2: Gather your ingredients for royal icing and supplies. Get my royal icing recipe in the link below!

STEP 3: Outline the football sugar cookie with brown detail consistency royal icing

STEP 4: Draw a curved line separating the top 2/3 from the bottom 1/3.

STEP 5: With brown flood royal icing, fill in the top portion of the cookie. Allow to rest until top crusts over.

STEP 6: Flood the bottom portion of the football sugar cookies. Allow to rest until the entire cookies is crusted over.

STEP 7: With detail consistency royal icing, make the laces and lines on the outside of the football.

Serve & Enjoy! Follow the link below to get full recipe.

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