Easter Bunny Royal Icing Cookie Tutorial: Like Peeps!


These cute Peep cookies are easy to make and so cute for your Easter festivities! 

Supplies: - Sugar Cookies - Royal Icing - Bunny Cookie Cutter - Food Coloring - Tipless Piping Bags - Cookie Scribe or Toothpick - Sanding Sugar

STEP 1: Bake cut-out sugar cookies in the shape of Peep Bunnies! Follow the link to use my cut-out recipe below:

STEP 2: Make royal icing (my recipe in link at bottom). Dye icing in colors below:

- Pink Icing in Flood Consistency - Blue Icing in Flood Consistency - Yellow Icing in Flood Consistency - Dark Brown Icing in Detail     Consistency 

STEP 3: With either pink, yellow, or blue icing, outline the cookie. Be careful not to go too close to the edge.

STEP 4: With the same color, fill (flood) the center of the cookie and spread across the cookie with a cookie scribe or toothpick.

STEP 5: Immediately spoon sanding sugar generously over the cookie and shake off the excess.

STEP 6: With the dark brown detail icing, make 3 dots in the shape of a rectangle for the eyes and mouth.

STEP 7: Allow them to dry for 8 hours up to overnight. Icing will be hard to the touch once set.

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