margarita decorated sugar cookies on a tray

How to Decorate Margarita Sugar Cookies {for Cinco de Mayo}

Cinco De Mayo is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate – especially with these adorable decorated margarita cookies! I did a bit of research, and thanks to, I learned that it celebrates Mexico’s victory over France in the Battle of Puebla. Fun new fact for you today!

For me, any day where the central theme is margaritas, tacos, and tequila – you can sign me up! This tutorial will show you how to make these cute little margarita and lime cookies to spice up your Cinco De Mayo celebration!

Supplies for Margarita Sugar Cookies

margarita and lime sugar cookie decorated with royal icing

Make the Cookie Dough

The first step is to make your rollout cookie dough! To decorate sugar cookies with royal icing, you really need a good recipe that does not rise or spread too much. Here is my recipe for no spread sugar cookies that will work great for royal icing decorating.

Once the dough has been made, roll it out to 1/4″ thick and cut out your margarita cookies. I’ve had my margarita cookie cutter for probably 10 years now, so I honestly don’t remember where I purchased it, but here is a very similar cookie cutter.

For the limes, simply use a circle sugar cookie and cut it in half. Bake the cookies as directed by your recipe and let cool completely. I like to let my cookies settle overnight (in an airtight container) before decorating.

Sugar Cookie Dough on Baking Sheet
Sugar Cookie dough for lime cookies

Icing Consistencies for Margarita Sugar Cookies

Now it is time to make some royal icing! If you are in need of a recipe, here is my 3 Ingredient Royal Icing recipe. Once you make the icing, you will need to divide it into 4 parts:

  • Medium Consistency (25 second) White Royal Icing
  • Flood Consistency (15 second) White Royal Icing
  • Flood Consistency (15 second) Light Green Icing
  • Medium Consistency (25 second) Dark Green Icing
Royal Icing Colors in Piping Bags

Royal Icing Colors

If you want that bright white icing color, you will need white food dye. If you don’t have white food coloring, you can still use uncolored royal icing, it will just be a bit off-white when dry.

For the light green icing, I used mainly Pistachio Americolor with just a touch of Wilton Kelly Green.

To get the dark green shade, I used Wilton Kelly Green with a touch of Americolor Moss.

These are just the shades I opted for, but feel free to adjust to get whatever shade you like! When working with food dye, less is always more. Add food coloring just a touch at a time. I like to use a toothpick, dip it in lightly in the food dye, and then touch it to the icing. You can always add more dye, but it’s very difficult to lighten up icing once it is too dark.

How to Decorate Margarita Sugar Cookies

Now the fun part of the process – decorating your Cinco de Mayo sugar cookies! Using the medium consistency white icing, outline the stem of the glass, extending the line about ¾ up the side of the glass. At the point where the stem connects with the base of the glass, make a “u” shaped line to make the stem portion fully contained.

Using the same medium consistency icing, make some squiggle lines through the stem and base of the glass This will add some support to help prevent the flood consistency from cratering.

Fill the stem of the glass with flood consistency white royal icing. Spread the icing with a cookie scribe.

With the flood consistency light green icing, fill the glass portion and spread with a cookie scribe. Add a thin line of dark green icing along the side of the margarita glass for some contrast.

At this point, let the cookie fully dry. This typically takes about 8 hours but will also depend on where you live. In more humid areas, drying time will most likely take longer.

Once the cookies are dry, it’s time for the final touches! Using the medium consistency white icing, pipe the rim of the glass. Immediately coat that line with coarse sanding sugar, and shake off the excess. Now you have your margarita salt!

Steps for decorating margarita sugar cookies

Decorating Lime Sugar Cookies

Now it is time to make the limes to go with your decorated margarita cookies. Using the medium consistency dark green icing, outline the rind of the lime on the rounded part of the cookie. Fill the center of the rind with a line of icing to help prevent cratering. Fill with icing and spread with a cookie scribe.

Using the flood consistency white royal icing, make a thick line next to the rind. Then take the flood consistency green icing, fill in the remainder of the cookie.

While the icing is still wet, use a cookie scribe (or toothpick) and drag the white icing into the green icing to the center of the flat part of the lime. Continue this process around the lime and finish with a white dot of flood icing in the center.

Let the icing dry for at least 8 hours or overnight.

decorating lime sugar cookie
Lime sugar cookie

Cookie Storage

Once the cookies are fully dried, you can store them in an airtight container for up to 5 days. You can store them in the freezer in an airtight container for up to 3 months. When you remove them from the freezer, let the cookies come to room temperature in the airtight container without opening it.

Enjoy your Cinco de Mayo Sugar Cookies

There you have it – now you can make your own Margarita sugar cookies to add to your Cinco de Mayo sugar cookie spread. I hope you enjoy and please tag me on Instagram with any of your decorated margarita cookie creations!

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